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Mamma’s Secret

Flour– The key ingredient of all breads and buns. At MammaRoti, we understand how flour quality could affect the texture of our buns. Thus, all flour are carefully sourced and selected. We use only the best and freshest.

Eggs – Eggs add colour and flavour as they bake. They help ingredients bind together, help emulsify the ingredients for smoother texture, add moisture and make the bun light and fluffy.

Coffee Beans – The soul of an irresistible Mexican bun. Selection of premium coffee beans gives MammaRoti its fatal attraction of coffee flavoured aroma which smells from distance.

Skill – Together with the finest making and baking skills, MammaRoti serves you with a compelling coffee-flavoured Mexican bun that has a crunchy and crispy exterior and yet soft, fluffy and rich inside.